Jo Rosenow provides an exclusive and individual service to men and women in all aspects of hair styling.




She specialises in
- Hair colouring (in particular colour correction)
- Styling
- Hairup for all occasions
- Makeup for all occasions



Manchester Unity Building

Wavelength provides an individual Body Spraying Room where you have complete privacy to sit and relax while your tan dries.
Jo offers you the 'one to one' service so that you know you are foremost receiving her full attention.
A primary speciality is postoperative hair styling for patients of leading Cosmetic Surgeons. This service has further embellished Jo's deep understanding of the personal needs of all clients.





Jo is well known for her hairdressing skills but it is her concerns about gentleness and privacy that has led to her being in such demand. In Jo's salon many patients choose to have subtle change or complete makeover after surgery. As well as private styling in her salon, Jo visits patients in hospital or their home, maintaining the level of confidentiality they desire.
Wavelength for Hair
Suite 702, 220 Collins Street Melbourne
Phone Mobile 0417 381 385
Every day except Tuesdays
By appointment only.